Everything you need to become financially free, no matter what your starting point.


Here's What you'll Get:

Incredible ongoing support & mentoring worth $8388

  • Financial Freedom University 3.0

    Value = $1997

    (lifetime access) Online training that shows you step-by-step how to become Financially Free, no matter what your starting point 

  • 1 Year of Monthly Q&A and Mentoring with Ann 
    Value = $4997

    For an entire year I will be by your side supporting you and answering your questions. Your success and freedom comes from you ensuring you have the right plan in place, knowing which step to take next and why, busting through inertia and analysis paralysis and moving towards your dream. This is why this bonus is so incredible. You are not meant to do this alone. You don’t need to do this alone. I will be with you, to keep you going and to get where you want to be - financially free.

  • Recording of Financially Free You Live

    VALUE = $397

  • Membership of the Financial Freedom University Private FaceBook group

    Value = $997

  • PIMMS (Passive Investment Management Mastery)

    Value =  $747

    PIMMS is the online programme that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to successfully invest in the stock market.  Learn how to confidently grow your wealth, feel empowered with your passive investment plan and feel safe and secure now and in your old age.  This online program will empower you to take control of your investment decisions, know how to choose the right Index Trackers or Exchange Traded funds, increase your investment returns and make sure your money is working hard for you.

  • Squeezing the Juice 30 Day Challenge

    Value =  $297

    30 day supercharged online bootcamp to liberate a heap of dosh from your expenses to create more assets and fun, plus get your FFU investment back and more.

  • How To Design Your Unique Wealthy Life

    Value = $197

    What the bleep do you really want? Get crystal clear on what you really want in your wealthy, juicy life. Knowing what you actually want to have, do, create and experience in your consciously wealthy life is the heartbeat of experiencing real sustainably wealth and financial freedom. Understanding this about yourself and having the confidence to trust your own inner truth on what wealthy is for you and on what really lights you up gives you the most magnificent and powerful tool for directing your money in a way that serves you and therefore the world.

  • Creating Money Savvy Kids

    Value = $97

    Leave a legacy by liberating the next generation with the gift of financial literacy. Discover the 6 skills you need to teach your kids to empower them to be great with money and the things to do to teach them these skills at four different age ranges, starting at 3 up to 18.

  • Crypto Boom Riders

    Value = $495

    THE definitive online programme that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to successfully and safely invest in the cryptoboom and benefit from this once in a generation opportunity

  • JFDI (Just Friggin’ Destroy It)

    Value = $197

    Your debt free life is created though 28 easy to follow and implement steps, organised into 4 transformative stages.Having helped thousands of people break free from debt, stay free and go on to create abundant wealth, I have extracted the things that you need to focus on so you don’t waste any more time and condensed these into an intensive 4-week debt destruction virtual bootcamp.

  • Healing Money Shame

    Value = $197

    Letting go of shame, guilt and fear around your money stuff caused by old money trauma. Guilt, shame and fear are the three biggest emotional barriers to creating sustainable, conscious wealth. This programme teaches you how to use Emotional Freedom Therapy to clear past money traumas from your system so you can move forward free of guilt, shame and fear.

  • How To Ride The Variable Income Waves

    Value = $97

    This programme teaches you how to manage variable income in both your business and personal finances. As you open your income taps and more and more flows in, it will come in waves. I want to ensure you know how to manage all that inflow so it makes a real positive difference in your life. Believe me, many people have no idea how to handle this and the big inflows end up causing big heartache. This course will ensure that never happens to you.

  • Investment Evaluator Tool Kit = $197

    A  super cool investment evaluation tools, which will help you make informed decisions and ensure you don’t get bogged down.

  • Assest without Moola = $197

    A mini-module in which I unpack 50 different “no money in the deal” asset creation strategies covering all the different asset class.

  • Wealthy Living Masterclass = $297

    A super cool combination of masterclasses from financial freedom experts.

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FFU has been life changing! I feel that not only has my financial intelligence just taken a gigantic leap, but so has my self-belief and focus. The investment I made in money and time has brought me a return far, far greater than the original sum invested.​

Amanda Alexander 

I've really changed the way I think about money since completing FFU...we are saving for the first time in years and I no longer feel guilty about going out and having fun because we have our fun pot set up.

It's made a huge difference to us!!

Susan Mills

I’m a coach and trainer, running my own small company for more than 10 years now. Thanks to FFU I have escaped this trap. I have attended a lot of courses but never experienced such an authentic intention to be of service and help other people.​

Greet Dyckmans

I was about to turn 50, was working 60+ hours per week and battling to cover my monthly expenses. Now I am exploring a buy-to-let property investment, buying stocks and moving forward on passive income options. The wealthy mindset stuff has been extremely valuable​.

Lee Randall

This stuff is like gold itself, when it comes to changing the way you view, manage and improve your finances.

Darren Hughes

Ann’s style of teaching and the easy to digest structure stripped me of my excuse that `I don’t understand this stuff, I’m not good with numbers’. Her approach, language and examples enables ANYONE to understand how to create financial freedom and is totally doable.​

Jennie Harland-Kahn

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