The 2020 New World of Wealth Workshop

If you’re looking to learn the proven strategies to transform your money world and have your own wealthy living eco-system serving you, one that is filled with assets that consistently and reliably earn money for you and provide you with financial stability, safety and support, giving you peace of mind and the freedom to finally live life on your terms…


During This Workshop There Will Be 4 LIVE Trainings:

Session 1: The Core Elements of Wealth

In the first part of the workshop I’ll identify the four types of assets you need working for you and show you the core financial empowerment strategy you need to implement to create these assets in a safe and sustainable way that gets you living your wealthy life now and ensures your future financial well being too.

Session 2: The Money Flow Of The Wealthy

I’ll show you the four faulty money flow patterns that most people have, which prevent them from becoming financially free no matter how much they earn; and help you identify your current money flow pattern and share how to fix the faults you have to ensure you create the financial security, wealth and freedom you want.

Session 3: Your Wealth Blueprint

I pull back the curtain in this session and show you my exact plan that outlines EVERYTHING you need to create your financial freedom. It’s awesome.


I unpack the Five Pillars of Financial Resilience that every financially free person has supporting them and ensuring their financial wellbeing is safe, sustainable and can withstand the ups and downs of these turbulent times.

Session 4: The 5 Wealth Killers
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This is where we put all this together and you create your unique financial wellbeing and freedom plan as I guide you through the steps to take and the next actions to take to ensure you bring stay the course and get this vital aspect of life sorted and serving you.